"MPSScholarlyStats is a proven analytical usage tool, providing librarians the power to make data-driven decisions

Compare Usage Statistics

Compare Usage Statistics of different platforms.

Cost Per Use

Derive useful metrics such as cost per use.

Purchasing Decisions

Make better informed purchasing decisions.


Automatic usage harvesting.

Identify Duplicate Subscription

Identify zero usage, duplicate subscription of your e-content.

Zero Usage

Know your top or near zero usage content.

Cost Calculator

Create your own cost/use without sharing cost information using cost calculator/search by ISSN feature.


SUSHI plug-in for third party integration.


Supply your COUNTER reports for more analysis to your ILS interface using SUSHI plug-in.

User Interface

Highly intuitive user interface branded to libraries and institutions requirements.

Consortia Administration:

Access consoliated consortia stats and individual member site stats from a single login.

Single Sign-on:

Single Sign-on (SSO) with customized landing page for libraries and institutions."

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