About Us
About Us

"MPS Scholarlystats is the market leader when it comes to library usage analytics for COUNTER compliant data, we are the pioneers of award winning platform “ScholarlyStats” which is now more powerful, accurate and quick to provide you information you want to run your knowledge temples.

With a worldwide presence and alliance of many top universities and libraries globally, our system evolved with top experts of the industry and flag bearer of library community. MPS ScholarlyStats is the only decade old analytics service since 2005 which is specially designed for libraries and librarians with a 24X7 customer support with improvements based on learning and demand from all these passed years, and it also serves you as your back office for any complex report generation or calculation, our dedicated staff will make sure you get best of support from us.

With experts from the fields of data analytics, up to date technology team with programmers who can make artificial intelligence work best for you, we can design a unique platform, a dashboard which will bring everything in front for you to decide what to subscribe and what is not getting used, which title is bringing more revenue compared to its peer, where and why you are facing a denial so that you can actually attempt a resale and many more such features will make you focus on your work rather than time consuming excel sheets.

Go for a trial with us, and feel the difference, lets analyze, lets ScholarlyStats!"

MPS ScholarlyStats Reports

COUNTER & Dashboard Reports

We provide all the Consolidated COUNTER reports in formats like xls, csv and xml.

Source Reports

Just select publisher and report type, and the report will be downloaded to your system.

Dynamic Reports

Simply put any two given dates, select report type, and you get your institution's usage data instantly.

Cost per Use Reports

This gives you freedom from combining two years data to get academic sessions analyzed.

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